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From transsexual to recovering sex addict: a different approach to gender dysphoria

Welcome to my website. I’m a transgender fantasy addict. I’ve created this site to share a message drawn from my personal experience – one that may not be relevant to very many people, but which I hope may be of life-changing, even life-saving, significance to those few.

In a nutshell, my story is this:

For anyone who identifies with my experience, my message is: THERE IS HOPE!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Recovery: setting boundaries

Here are some suggestions for boundaries that we can set as tools for achieving sobriety:-
  • Don’t wear women’s clothes or cosmetics
  • Don’t buy women’s clothes, or window-shop for them
  • Don’t shave or remove hair from arms, legs or armpits (unless these are normal male behaviours in your culture)
  • Don’t take female hormones
  • Don’t have treatment for beard removal
  • Don’t use transgender fantasies to masturbate, to suppress feelings or to avoid dealing with problems
  • Don’t enter transgender fantasies while being sexual with a partner
  • Don’t surf the Internet for material to stimulate transgender fantasies
  • Don’t buy or keep transgender pornography
  • Don’t keep catalogues of women’s clothing
  • Don’t use a femme name, for example as an e-mail address
  • Don’t attend transgender social gatherings en femme, or avoid them altogether


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