Transsexual Anonymous

From transsexual to recovering sex addict: a different approach to gender dysphoria

Welcome to my website. I’m a transgender fantasy addict. I’ve created this site to share a message drawn from my personal experience – one that may not be relevant to very many people, but which I hope may be of life-changing, even life-saving, significance to those few.

In a nutshell, my story is this:

For anyone who identifies with my experience, my message is: THERE IS HOPE!

I suggest beginning by reading my story (link here). Then this link will take you to a guide through the rest of the material here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Suggestions for a Path of Discernment and Recovery

First, we examine our thoughts and feelings about our condition. Am I sure I am transsexual? Am I happy about it? Am I sure that SRS is the solution? Am I happy about that? We remind ourselves honestly about the implications. [read more here] If the answer to any of the preceding questions is ‘no’, we owe it to ourselves to explore every possible alternative.

We inform ourselves about the concept of sexually motivated, or autogynaephilic, transsexualism. [read more here] Is there anything there we can identify with? Could this be at the root of our unease? Are we in denial?

If we can accept that our transgender behaviours may be sexually motivated, we ask ourselves: could I simply decide that I am not going to act on these sexual urges, and stop the behaviours? If not, what does that imply?

We consider whether any of our sexual behaviours in general may be addictive. [read the questionnaires on external sites here, here, here, here and here] We examine in detail whether our transgender behaviours in particular have sexually-motivated and compulsive characteristics. [read my questions for self-diagnosis here]

We ask: do I want to be freed from my transgender compulsions? Am I prepared to take action and make contact? [read where to find help here]

We start to work a programme of recovery. As part of this programme we set boundaries around our transgender behaviours. [read about boundaries here]

We trust in a Power greater than ourselves to fulfil the Promises of the 12-Step Programme. [read the Promises, and my suggestions for special promises for transgender fantasy addicts, here]